For most Australians the only connection they have with insects is from the wrong end of the spray can.  Bees are essential members of our ecological communities and their communities are under threat worldwide. Help support local native bee populations by sponsoring a hive today!  


Why sponsor a native bee hive?

Thousands of nests of Australian native bees are destroyed each year because so few people are aware of the beauty and value of these fascinating insects.  Australia has over 1,500 species of native bees which live in a wide varieties of nest sites.  Their nests can often be accidentally destroyed through landscaping, gardening and land clearing activities. 

Native bees play an important role in Australia's biodiversity by being effective pollinators of many indigenous flowering plants.  They have also been found to be effective pollinators of many agricultural crop species and are therefore integral to food security, particularly in light of the threats of honey bees.

A bee house is also a science class in a box, affording a perfect vehicle for lessons in biology, environment and nutrition for both schools and the local community. 


What will you receive?

  • Free Native Bee Workshop on bee hive splitting and/or honey harvesting
  • A certificate of sponsorship for your hive, emailed to you.
  • A sign on your hive with your name.
  • Your name added for the year to our bee-friends thank you list on our website, Facebook and newsletter
  • The opportunity to visit your hive if you are in the area to meet your bees!
  • The good feeling you get knowing that you are supporting local native bees, contributing to their education and awareness and pollinating a range of our native and agricultural crop species at Jane Street Gardens and local surrounding gardens.   


How much?

  • $400 one off payment.  This amount includes the purchase of the beehive, delivery and installation. 
  • Payment is tax duductable


How can you make payment?

Click here to pay by debit or credit card


Account Name: Micah Projects Inc
Bank: Westpac
BSB: 034 013
Account: 364212

It is important that you accompany your payment with your 'Surname or company name' followed by 'Jane St'.


Please make your cheque payable to Micah Projects Inc, For: Jane St., subject: Native Bee Hive Sponsorship and post to:

PO Box 3449
South Brisbane Qld 4101