Building connections with local businesses and community groups is important to us because it creates community cohesion, reduces waste through the implementation of local recycling programs and provides support to the ongoing growth and maintenance of the community garden.  


Local Community Connections

Local Recycling Scheme

The Jane Street Community Gardens collect spent coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable scrapes and juice pulp for use in compost to create rich soil for our organically grown plants. We are currently collecting from the following cafes: Expresso Garage, Plenty, Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Mango Tree Cafe and Cheeky Bean.  

We have also teamed up with Mappins Nursery who donate their left over pots and any expired garden products to the gardens for use in our nursery. 

Micah Projects save their paper scrapes for us and we use these to make seed packets. 

Own Grown Organics and Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. provide ongoing support for finding new suppliers for garden products and helpful gardening advice.

We are always seeking new ways to create mutually beneficial connections with local business and community organisations. If you have any creative ways to connect with us then we would love to hear from you!


Project funds

Green Grocer allows us to sell a a wide range of medicinal and culinary herbs at their store. They very generously give us 100% of the proceeds.

Davies Park Markets provides ongoing funds to employ a handy-man to work alongside the Garden Coordinator and run carpentry related projects. 

Micah Projects funds the role of a Garden Coordinator to oversee the running of the garden. 

Brisbane City Council offers a range of grants that can be applied for to support different projects down at the gardens. 

Create a community connection

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