Do you have experience, skills and knowledge in a specific area that you can share with the community? This can include gardening, using plant dyes, medicinal herbs, butterfly gardens, musician, artist, bee keeper, carpenter etc. 


  • Everyone is welcome to apply to be a facilitator based on skills and experience
  • Student or trainee facilitators can organise and run free working bees and/or training workshops to gain experience
  • The garden will advertise workshops on Facebook, Website and the regular newsletter. 



  • All facilitators must apply to the Organising Team
  • Applications must include a workshop outline and plan
  • Marketing materials must be provided and include a photo or picture and description for online promotions
  • Ticket sales come through the garden and discounts apply to Garden Members
  • 50% of ticket sales go to the garden and 50% to the facilitator, to be paid after the workshop

If you would like to become a facilitator then we would love to hear from you! Please email us at janestcomgarden@gmail.com