Partner with us in a mutually beneficial working relationship and be proud that you are contributing to a community garden that is promoting sustainable living in your city.

What are the the advantages of partnering with Jane Street Community Garden?

  • Enhanced reputation 
  • Opening up new markets
  • Improved relations with the community
  • Employees can gain new skills/knowledge and feel a sense of pride in their extra-curricular activities and in turn feel a greater sense of belonging and pride for the company. This could mean that staff retention rates could improve and that fewer resources will be needed for recruitment . 
  • Increased hold on their market, and therefore enhanced long term sustainability
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Improved relationship with customers
  • Improved customer loyalty as customers value spending their money with a company with a social conscience.
  • More marketing and advertising opportunities.
  • Higher public profile and better chance of attracting media coverage
  • Inclusion in ethical investment funds

Click here to check out what companies are already partnering with Jane Street Community Garden. 


Thank you for showing interest in either Partnering with us!  We would love to hear from you.  Please email a brief of your ideas at