Support the running of a workshop, new project or donate your garden supplies for use in the community garden and let us help you promote your generosity through our social media and website. 

Areas we would love sponsorship:

  • Organic seeds/seedlings
  • Organic fertiliser
  • Organic compost and soil
  • Sugarcane and lucerne mulch
  • Gardening related workshops and education 
  • New tools such as shovels and forks

An example of an existing sponsor at the Jane Street Community Gardens is Rocky Point Mulching who supplied us 30 bales of organic sugarcane mulch. Thank you again so much for your generosity!

rocky_point_mulching_pty_ltd_qld logo.jpg


Thank you for showing interest in Sponsoring us!  We would love to hear from you.  Please email a brief of your ideas at janestgarden@micahprojects.org.au