We offer an exciting range of low cost garden and sustainability workshops.  Spaces fill up fast for these popular, informative and fun workshops so please book in early!


Growing Herb Gardens in Tiny Spaces

Linda Brennan from Ecobotanica

10:00am – 11:30am Sunday 23rd April 2017

$20 or $15 for garden members and students

Don’t have much space? Maybe you only have a balcony or city courtyard? 
Greenthumb Goddess Linda Brennan will share with you how to grow a healthy organic herb garden and in fact much of your fresh food in recycled containers. (This does not include Styrofoam boxes, as using these poses a danger to us all!)

Be ready to be surprised by the range of containers that are readily available and free. You’ll learn Linda’s 5 top tips for choosing and growing in small spots; what to grow and how to fertilise it using only organic methods.
The small garden examples we make in this presentation are perfectly portable, even on a bus! They will be given as take home prizes for lucky attendees. You’ll be delighted and excited by your potential harvest.

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Compost and Worm Farm

Brisbane City Council

9am - 12pm 30th April 2017

Free workshop

Come along to one of Brisbane City Council’s free compost and worm farm workshops and learn about no fuss organic recycling. Bookings are essential. Call Council on (07) 3403 8888 to reserve your place or visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/waste for more workshop locations.

Please wear a hat and flat enclosed shoes and bring sunscreen and drinking water. The workshop may be cancelled in wet weather. Please call Council on the morning of the workshop if you are unsure.

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Experiencing ourselves as part of the Living Earth

Emma Brindal from Wise earth education

10am-5pm Sunday 21st May 2017

$30 or $20 for Garden Members and Students

This is an experiential workshop to introduce you to the ideas and practices of Deep Ecology.  Deep Ecology is a philosophy of nature which sees that underlying the environmental crisis is a false belief in the separation between humans and the rest of the natural world. Deep Ecology seeks to mend this perception by understanding ourselves as interconnected to all life in an embodied way.

Participants will: 

·  Be introduced to some practices that can cultivate a sense of deep connection to the Earth

·  Explore how knowing that we are a part of the Living Earth can inform our choices about how we live and hence take part in creating a Life Sustaining Society.

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Edible flowers

Linda Brennan from Ecobotanica

10:00am – 11:30am Sunday 30th July 2017 


We’ll take a look at what flowers are delicious to eat and how to get the most from your organically grown bunch of blooms. We also cover harvest and planting, organic care and design with edible flowers. We’ll also get sowing at the gardens, creating even more opportunities for you to get in and enjoy edible flowers.

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edible flower.jpg

Taste of the Rainforest - exploring Bushfoods

Witjuti Grub Bushfood Nursery

8am-11Am Sunday 13th August 2017

$20 or $15 for garden members and students

For thousands of years, ‘bushfood’ plants have been an integral part of our indigenous people’s staple diet and culture. Today these native foods are being ‘rediscovered’ by contemporary Australians and appreciated for the unique flavours they offer us.

Join Veronica from Witjuti Grub Bushfood Nursery as she share’s the knowledge and experiences, gained over 18 years involvement with Native food plants, on how to create a Bushfood garden so you can enjoy the ‘Wild Taste of the Rainforest’ in your own backyard.

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Stingless bees

Linda Brennan from Ecobotanica

10am – 12pm Sunday 27th August 2017

$20 or $15 for garden members and students

Linda Brennan has been a stingless bee keeper for 15 years and at this workshop we’ll learn about bee forage food, and the life of the stingless bee. She will show us how to split our hives and provide perfect conditions for the bees to flourish. You’ll taste some of our own native honey too. If you have a fly net and hat, please bring that, and wear light coloured clothing with button up sleeves and collar.

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Introduction to Permaculture for Cityfolk

Emma Brindal from Wise earth education

10am-5pm Sunday 10 September 2017

$30 or $20 for Garden Members and Students

This workshop will introduce participants to the permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair share and the design principles. We will explore how the permaculture principles can be applied to our lives both in the design of our homes as well as work and community lives.  

A key component of permaculture is understanding living systems and how they are connected, so we will explore how our own backyard can teach us about this, and how we can then design according to these understandings. 

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Raising Chickens for Eggs

Kate Velge

9am-12noon Sunday 17th september 2017


Leave this hands-on workshop with the confidence and knowledge of how to raise happy and healthy chickens for egg production.

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Spring Detox with the Wisdom of Ayurveda


Dr. Madhavi and Dr. Upulie from Back2health

10am-11.30am Sunday 8th October 2017


Learn how to detox this spring with natural home remedies and herbs already growing in your garden. Use the wisdom of Ayurveda to cleanse and rejuvenate your body.

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From Little Things Big Things Grow...The power of growing heritage

Linda Brennan from Ecobotanica

9am-10.30am Sunday 29th October 2017

$15 or $10 for garden members and students

This is a must for anyone who loves the taste of real, old-fashioned food. Tomatoes that really taste like the sun, carrots in a rainbow of colours and those old fashioned things gran used to grow that tasted so good. These are the things supermarkets just forget.
 But heck, why miss out? 

Join Greenthumb Goddess Linda Brennan for an intro to the simply best sensational veggies you knew as a kid and flavours that’ll knock your socks off. Linda will share her secrets about growing the best from seed for super success. You’ll take home some seeds of old fashioned veggies that you have sown, ready to grow into a meal in no time.

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Become a Workshop Facilitator

We are often looking for new facilitators to run workshops – if you have skills and knowledge to share and experience in running workshops, please get in touch at janestgarden@micahprojects.org.au. 


These workshops have been made possible thanks to funding from the Brisbane City Council under the Lord Mayor’s Community Sustainability and Environmental Grants Program