Plot Holder

All of the benefits of a Casual Worker and Garden Member plus exclusive use to your own plot to organically grow and harvest your own produce. 


All of the benefits of a Casual Worker and Garden Member plus: 

  • Exclusive use of your own plot to plant within the garden guidelines
  • Exclusive access to your own produce
  • Access to communal resources (e.g. compost, mulch) within monthly individual plot holder limit
  • Access to communal produce if attending the minimum number of working bees
  • Access to your plot any time of the day
  • Can be used by individuals, families or community groups
  • Only a limited number of individuals plots available
  • Invitation to join our regular community working bee to share skills and knowledge and to gain assistance with your plot. 


All of the expectations of a Casual Worker and Garden Member plus:

  • Rent of plot is $5 per square foot per six months paid biannually in advance
  • Plot fees will be due in July and January each year and will be invoiced along membership fees
  • A plot holder is required to be a Garden Member and pay a membership fee
  • The plot holder is required to tend to and seasonally  plant out the garden bed. If the bed is not up kept on a regular basis the plot holder may risk having their bed reallocated. 
  • Plots cannot be sub-let to other people or groups
  • If no activity after two months the plot will be reallocated (without refunds)
  • If extended leave is needed, or exceptional circumstances, please contact the Garden Coordinator to discuss organising cover
  • Plot holders provide the garden with a small income and therefore no concessions on membership or plot rental will be offered
  • Look after your own plot, but also share your knowledge, tools, seeds etc. and help out with other plot holders
  • Keep your garden plot tidy and safe by controlling weeds, removing dead plants and avoiding use of materials that are tattered, broken, unsightly or dangerous
  • Plot holders wishing to install or alter watering or irrigation systems are to discuss these with the Garden Coordinator


Interested in becoming a Plot Holder? Please Sign up to become a Garden Member and attend a minimum of three working bees to be considered.  Existing Plot Holders will be invoiced biannually for their rental fee.

*Existing Plot Holders will be contacted to ensure they agree to the new terms before renewal of beds.